Another Great Random Internet Comment

Another great comment that really resonated with me. Original can be viewed here.

Probably you are just procrastinating. Procrastination has to do with anxiety emotion. Whatever creates anxiety, creates procrastination.

I have programmed for more than 20 years, but programming is never what I want. In fact it is an obstacle for getting what I want, like helping people.

You probably need real problems-challenges that you can solve.

I have created compilers because I needed it for something else. If I could get the same result with 0 programming I will do. In fact I proactively work to destroy programming in its current form in the future.

Programming is a dead end without something else as a goal. In fact, it creates a serious imbalance in your life: You spend most of your time thinking rationally(conscious mind), slowly,alone, static, in front of a computer(sit down?).

That is deeply abnormal for humans beings. We are designed for moving miles or kms each day, mostly use our subconscious mind(not thinking rationally)in a social way while hunting, fishing, collecting, making tools, pottery or clothing.

When you break the balance you don’t need more of what created the imbalance in the first place. Spending your life only programming for me is the definition of a miserable life.

As I have to program, I will do whatever I can to restore the equilibrium, like going out each day, practicing a sport that requires coordination, meeting colleagues,friends and family regularly, meditating and never sitting down while in front of a computer(well I use a stool).